Everything you need to know to survive the chaos

An evening of organised chaos, fun and beer tasting that will identify the BrewMania Champion Brewer for #nzhc2018. A home-brew competition like no other, BrewMania allows you to enter beer as a competing brewer, enter as a spectator and judge – or both! The winner will receive the biggest prize ever for any home-brew competition in New Zealand.

Click here for a list of the Freight Forwarders who will send your beer to the competition. If you are planning to package up your own beer and send it to Nelson, the address is:

14 Vivian Place
Nelson, 7011

If you have already purchased a beer entry ticket, you have the beer brewed, and you want to know how to label it and send it, then check here.




1st Prize: A trip to Homebrew Con 2018, Portland, Oregon, USA

Join the NZHC team on our “research” trip to Homebrew Con 2018, in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Prize details:

With the amazing support of Gladfield Malt and The Grainfather, we are delighted to offer the winner of BrewMania 2018 a trip to the 2018 Homebrew Con in Portland, Oregon. The lucky winner will have flights, accommodation and Homebrew Con tickets provided to this amazing event in June 2018.

Small print:

In order to ensure the winner of this prize gets the full experience of being part of the NZHC delegation, all travel, accommodation and Homebrew Con passes will be booked and paid for by the NZHC. Any additional expenses are to be paid by the winner. The prize is only applicable to the brewer who wins BrewMania. It is not transferable in any way.

We’re sorry but owners and employees of commercial brewing operations are not eligable for BrewMania prizes.

Other prizes

There will also be 2nd place and 3rd place prizes for BrewMania. 
BrewMania Singles will be awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes too. 
In addition, throughout the event there will be randomly awarded spot prizes.


How does it work?

Compete for BrewMania Champion Brewer by presenting 3 different beers. Brewers must enter three beers, and tell us which beer is for Round One, which is for Round Two, and which is for Round Three.

If you don’t have three beers, you can still enter into the BrewMania Singles competition. 

What, you still have questions?

How much beer do I need to supply?

For every beer supplied, Brewers should provide two 750ml bottles PLUS one bottle of at least 330ml. Brewers entering three beers must choose which round they want each beer to be judged in.

Why do I need to choose a round for each beer?

The BrewMania Champion Brewer will have survived a knock-out competition. Each beer will have helped them survive a different round.

This is really confusing. Tell me again?

Ok, let’s break it down. You have a killer IPA, an awesome Raspberry Stout, and a delicious experimental Wheat Wine with oregano and lemon thyme in it. You decide to put the Raspberry Stout into Round One, the Wheat Wine into Round Two, and the IPA into Round Three. You send us 2 x 750ml bottles plus one 330ml (or bigger) bottle of Stout, 2 x 750ml bottles plus one 330ml (or bigger) bottle of Wheat Wine, and 2 x 750ml bottles plus one 330ml (or bigger) bottle of IPA. All of the Raspberry Stout bottles are labelled “Round One”. All of the Wheat Wine bottles are labelled “Round Two”. All of the IPA bottles are labelled “Round Three”. That’s it!

But all my beer is in 500ml bottles! What should I do?

We have asked for these sizes to give you the best chances of winning. You can ignore us if you want… but you should understand why. We have chosen 750ml bottles as a good way to serve up to 12 x 50ml tasters without getting sediment out. A winning beer will need to survive two rounds of 12 x 50ml tasters, plus an elite judging panel. So if you *have* to provide 500ml bottles, we suggest you provide two to replace each 750ml. You could replace each 750ml bottle with one 500ml and just hope that enough judges get a nice clean pour and enough volume to let you progress to the next round. If you have all your beer in 330ml bottles, then you could supply two or three instead of each 750ml, but if you supply two and you have bottle-conditioned then it is likely judges will be getting very small, cloudy samples.

How many brewers will be eliminated each round?

We have done extensive mathematical modelling on this and can conclusively say “some”. This answer will change when we know exactly how many beers have been entered, how many judges we have, and how many judging tables. In most scenarios, between 50% and 80% of brewers will proceed from one round to the next – we are aiming for at least half being allowed to proceed.

So, there must be some strategy to this Round One, Round Two, Round Three thing. What do you recommend?

Last year it was pretty clear that the elimination process meant that the standard of beers got better and better as the comp moved from round to round. So we suggest that if you think you have some beers that are better than others, you present your least favourite beer in Round One and your best beer in Round Three. This will give you the best chance of surviving through to the finals. Also, if your least favourite beer means you get eliminated, then your preferred beers will get a second chance to compete in the BrewMania Singles comp – with another shot at prizes!

Wait. What? There’s a Singles comp as well?

Absolutely! When a brewer gets eliminated, any of their beers which have not been tasted get entered into the Singles comp. Because they haven’t been tasted yet, we will have enough of them to do a full judging round – and they could be amazing beers so we need to make sure they get a shot at winning something. Brewers that don’t want to enter three beers can enter directly into the Singles comp.

BrewMania sounds completely mad! How can I be there?

Entry as a judge to BrewMania is limited to those people who have purchased a “BrewMania Judging Ticket”. If you are not one of these people, we have a limited number of volunteer opportunities. Make sure you are signed up to our newsletter to hear our call for volunteers.

I’m in! How do I enter as a Brewer?

Easy! Buy a “Beer Entry for BrewMania” ticket from the Tickets page. It’s only $10! You could win amazing prizes! Secure international fame! Have the kudos of being Champion Brewer of NZHC2018! A two week trip to Belgium!* (*Not all rewards guaranteed).  

I have my ticket. What do I do with my beer?

We are working with local homebrew stores all around New Zealand to help with freighting beers to this competition. We will announce these opportunities soon. For now, get planning your brews to make sure your beer will be ready!

All beer must be in Nelson, with the NZHC team, by Tuesday 20th March 2018. Your freight forwarder will have their own deadline, so work to that. We will be publishing the freight forwarder deadlines as soon as we know them.

Local Home-brew Store freight forwarders

Drop in and talk to these fine people about how to get your beers to BrewMania

Home-Brew Store Address Beer submission deadline!
Baylands 22 Victoria Street, Petone, Lower Hutt 15th March
Beer Necessities Please contact Ian on 021 103 0205 or email
15th March
Brewers Coop 3 Prescott St, Penrose, Auckland 15th March
Brewtopia 130 Tory St, Te Aro, Wellington 15th March
Dunedin Malthouse 596 Hillside Rd, Caversham, Dunedin 15th March
Great Expectations 411 High St, Lower Hutt 15th March
Grow and Brew 57 Cavendish Drive, Manukau City
14a Flexman Place, Silverdale, Auckland
19a Klinac Lane, Waipapa, Northland
15th March
HomeBrew West 1/4 Waipareira Ave, Henderson, Auckland
14 Mount Eden Road, Grafton, Auckland
15th March
HomebrewHQ 14 Bishopdale Court, Bishopdale, Christchurch 14th March
League of Brewers 14 Vivian Place, Tahunanui, Nelson 20th March
Your Shout 225 Linwood Avenue, Linwood, Christchurch 10th–14th March