Get your ticket before Xmas and win!

We are full of Christmas cheer here at NZHC HQ (hic) so we have decided to spread some love and happiness to all those organised and motivated home-brewers out there. It’s our shout for everyone who has activated their NZHC ticket before the 25th December – you lot will all get a free beer at the event. Don’t worry – that’s the runner up prize. Two lucky punters will also get to do a colab brew at MarchFest with one of our superstar VIP guests from the States! So if you want a chance to brew with Annie Johnson, Denny Conn or Randy Mosher, make sure you are sorted before then. Available from home-brew stores NZ-wide.

Freight forwarding for BrewMania entries

We’re pleased to announce the list of freight forwarders for BrewMania 2018. Make sure you grab your BrewMania entry ticket, and get in touch with your nearest freight forwarder to sort out how they can help you get your entries into the competition. They might have a maximum number of beers they want to ship so get in touch quick to make sure your name is on their list.

Did we mention our huge prize for winning BrewMania?

We did? Great! So you already know that (thanks to our friends Gladfield Malt and The Grainfather) someone will be going to Portland with us for Homebrew Con 2018!

If you have any questions about BrewMania or problems buying your ticket/s, please email us.

Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you next year where we’ll enjoy a good laugh, hang out with neat, brew-loving people and all learn how to make better beer.

Cheers for now,

The NZHC team

#nzhc2018 #makebetterbeer

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