Hazy IPAs, Pastry Stouts and Beyond

Founders Park

The craft beer scene is churning in the US as the most enthusiastic beer fans flock to a narrow range of new styles: the so-called “Northeast” IPAs and “pastry” stouts, big beers with grocery-store confection flavours. While many established brewers turn up their noses at these heretical versions of existing styles, newer brewers eager to gain a following are jumping in head first.

The “juicy” NEIPA is a challenge to brew. With its high adjunct content and residual sweetness, topped off by massive hop aroma tilted to the fruity and tropical, it takes a careful use of recipe, brewing technique, hop use and fermentation to get the right appearance, aroma and texture. New developments in hop breeding as well as flavor chemistry make them possible. As a partner in a Chicago-based brewery that has developed a reputation for tasty NEIPS, Mosher will spill the secrets to making them work successfully.

Pastry stouts are really just a more extreme version of flavoured imperial stouts, but they do have some unique characteristics. In addition, there are at least a couple of other emerging styles: “milkshake” IPA and sour IPA with a pronounced sweet-and-sour flavour profile, and these will be deconstructed as well.