Keynote: Beer Tasting as a Path to Self-Awareness (and Great Beer)

Founders Park

For most brewers, tasting skills are a patchwork of casual tasting, a bit of book-learning and possibly a little formalized judging or training. In other words, for all the efforts we put into our recipes, process and equipment, the one single thing that can tell us if we’ve succeeded or failed in our efforts seldom gets the effort it deserves.

Building on the latest neurobiology, tasting psychology and flavour chemistry, author Randy Mosher guides us through the hidden workings of our minds, walks us through proper tasting technique and illuminates the delicious, but often hard-to-understand vocabulary of beer to give everyone a roadmap to becoming a better taster, judge and brewer. And in addition to the obvious practical benefits, this comes with a better understanding of the wondrous workings of our minds.