Join yeast guru’s Dr Chris White (CEO & President of White Labs Inc), Dr Graham Eyres (Otago University) and yeast apprentice Dave Moynagh for a unique in-depth workshop on how yeast works, what flavours it produces, how it affects your beer and why, along with a practical guide to getting a good clean fermentation.

  • What is yeast and what does it do to make beer?
  • Why is a good fermentation important?
  • A practical 10 step guide to a good fermentation
  • How to make a starter
  • Oxygenation and aeration
  • Yeast and beer flavour
  • What flavours do yeast provide to make beer
  • Taste several spiked examples – esters and phenolics
  • Understand yeast metabolism and why these flavours are produced and how you can influence them
  • The impact on yeast pitch rate on beer
  • Pressure and fermentation
  • Yeast and hop interactions – biotransformation’s
  • And if we have time yeast harvesting, stain selection and future trends

If your beer isn’t quite tasting how you want or you aren’t doing as well in competitions as you would like the chances are you may have fermentation issues. Fermentation issues are easy to solve when you understand what’s going and follow good practices. Come along and listen to two leading experts and take your brewing to the next level.