Andrew Bayley

Keen as Home-brewer

Brewing alcohol is one of Andrew’s passions – and has been making beer, wine and cider since his discretionary funds evaporated when he drew down his first mortgage. He enjoyed the challenge of making his own Arduino-controlled 40 litre BIAB brewing system, affectionately named the “Bayleymeiser,” in his dedicated Man-Cave. Current brews are predominantly Belgian styled – witbiers, hefe’s, saisons, as well as NZ hopped APA’s, stouts and even a few sours. He has experimented with Brett Brux, and Lactobacillis, as well as kettle souring with pro-biotics combined with Syrah grape skins. One of his dreams is to have his own brewing label, but has yet to realise a catchy title. Help him out if you want – he is the one with the 4 – bar wifi signaled brow!

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Getting Stuck into Sours

Come and learn from Jason Bathgate, Damon Colbert and Andrew Bayley as they take on the brewing of sour beer. Topics covered include: What’s is sour? Your first kettle sour Braving a mixed ferment Yeast to Brett and bugs Barrels and blending