Andrew Childs

Owner & Brewer, Behemoth Brewing Company

Andrew Childs is the owner and brewer of Behemoth Brewing Company. Behemoth Brews at a couple of different breweries in New Zealand. The goal is to have a brew pub in the next 18 months. Behemoth has been around about 3 years. In that time they have brewed well over 50 different beers and have a solid core range of pale ales, IPAs and a very hoppy Pilsner.

Andrew a reformed lawyer. He worked for Imake while creating Behemoth Brewing and helped bring about the Grainfather and the Mangrove Jacks range of home-brew products. You may have even brewed a clone of Chur on your Grainfather.

Behemoth Brewing is known for making extremely hoppy, flavourful beers. Andrew would like to share his experience and knowledge so that you too can make hoppy and delicious things.

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