Annika Naschitzki

Owner and Brewer, Tiamana

Annika is the owner and head brewer of Tiamana Brewery in Wellington.

I was born and raised in Berlin. My dad was brewer and maltster at Schultheiss, one of Berlin’s oldest and most iconic breweries. We lived near the brewery, and the caramelly-sweet scent of malt wafted through our street every day. Today, every brew day takes me back with that scent.

Still, I did not think to become a brewer until I moved to Wellington in 2010. My first home was in Aro Valley, and I remember walking by the old abandoned petrol station every day thinking: this would be a great place to make something happen. And then something happened.

The beers of Garage Project, ParrotDog and 8 Wired opened my eyes to what beer can be. Then a visit from my parents brought it all together. We made our way through plenty of tasting paddles, and dad taught me what he knows about brewing.

We bought a simple home brew starter kit and dad and I made a first batch of Pilsner. My fate was sealed.

I’m running Tiamana by myself, and I’m still working part-time as a contractor in customer research and design.
It’s been a big learning curve – not only learning to brew, but also building and running a business. I may not get much of a free weekend these days, still Tiamana is the most satisfying work I’ve ever done.

Annika will be presenting a workshop on lager brewing—very much a German speciality. Also keep an eye out for Annika talking about lacto-fermented beers, particularly the popular Berliner Weiss style.

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