Damon Colbert

Home-brewer, Sourmeister

Between the hours of 8 and 5 I am a biochemist at Plant and Food Research, and a home-brewer any other time. Undergrad microbiology labs were my introduction to home-brewing, and early career research on the amylase family inspired the graduation to all grain.

In the time since I’ve inhaled every bit of literature on sour brewing I could obtain, scientific or otherwise. And then I turned that knowledge to trying things in the back-of-shed brewery. It didn’t always work out; science can be testing.

I recently brewed two different recipes for Flanders red; one old-style rich in crystal, one modern with all-Gladfield malts. Currently drinking a dark sour (à la Tart of Darkness) and wishing I’d dialed back the acidity. And thinking about both a fresh hopped sour, & a chilli, ginger, and lemongrass sour.

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Getting Stuck into Sours

Come and learn from Jason Bathgate, Damon Colbert and Andrew Bayley as they take on the brewing of sour beer. Topics covered include: What’s is sour? Your first kettle sour Braving a mixed ferment Yeast to Brett and bugs Barrels and blending