Graham Eyres

Graeme is a senior lecturer at Otago University. He’s pretty interested in the flavour of beer, particularly how fermentation alters the flavour.

From the uni web site:

“The goal of Graham’s research is to investigate and understand the physico-chemical factors that drive sensory perception of flavour. His interests are in taste and aroma compounds and their effect on sensory perception, dynamic flavour release, hop aroma in beer, fermentation science, flavour chemistry, and analytical flavour techniques.

His professional specialities are in flavour science / chemical analysis using GC/MS, GC-olfactometry, PTR-MS and sensory evaluation and perception.

His current research focuses on how flavour compounds interact within a food matrix, the effect of food composition and structure on the dynamic release of taste and aroma compounds and the influence on overall sensory perception of flavour. He is also interested in the interaction of sensory modalities, such as the cross-modal interactions between taste and aroma, and their effect on flavour perception.”

He’s a smart cookie, and we’re delighted to have him presenting at our conference!

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Join yeast guru’s Dr Chris White (CEO & President of White Labs Inc), Dr Graham Eyres (Otago University) and yeast apprentice Dave Moynagh for a unique in-depth workshop on how yeast works, what flavours it produces, how it affects your beer and why, along with a practical guide to getting a good clean fermentation. What […]