Greig McGill

Co-owner Brewaucracy & Beer Judge

“I discovered great beer gradually in the mid to late nineties via Galbraiths, the Malthouse, and my mate James “JK/Kempicus” Kemp. We set out together on a journey which began with arguing the respective merits of Lion Red versus Waikato. I was a Red man,, JK was a staunch Waikato drinker. Both went well with Iron Maiden. We discovered better beer such as Pink Elephant Mammoth and Bob Hudsons Bitter, and from there, a passion was born to learn everything there was to know about beer and brewing.

Frustrated with a lack of choice in beer to keep up with my thirst for variety, and egged on by Luke Nicholas, a group of us founded the Society of Beer Advocates (SOBA) in 2006 as a consumer movement dedicated to the promotion of variety and choice in beer, as well as education about all things beer related.

After a long journey of domestic and international travel driven by beer, brewing at a homebrew and a commercial scale, consulting, collaborations with excellent brewers such as Martin Townshend, and a lot of beer judging, I am now focused on moving the brewing company I started with Phil Murray – Brewaucracy – from a part-time contract operation to a 24hL production brewery and taproom in Hamilton.

I have judged at the bi-annual “olympics of beer”, the World Beer Cup in 2014 and 2016, and at the Great American Beer Festival in 2016, as well as various domestic competitions, including seven years at SOBA’s National Homebrewing Competiton.”

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