Christian Galbraith & Gareth Phillips

The Hopfather & Wheatboy

Christian Galbraith (AKA The Hopfather) and Gareth Phillips (AKA Wheatboy) are local home brewing Ninja / data Warrior’s. They brew together, they work together, they’ve even developed a special brewing language so they can continue to talk beer when the boss walks in. Ironically they then talk shop while brewing.

A founding member the legendary Nelson home brew chapter, nothing has held Christian back since winning the Appleby School fair home brew contest in 2011. More success followed in 2015 when a commercial version of his Dunkelweizen was served at Marchfest 2015. He now spends his time turning down multi-million dollar offers to focus on brewing in its purest form at home.

Newer to the game, Gareth has jumped feet first into brewing having turned his back on fruit wine adult education classes. Quick to make his mark with some excellent wheat beers he went on to bag himself third place in last years Brewmania showdown! Always trying to crack that ‘perfect beer’ Gareth over compensates for his Scottish heritage by spending all of his cash on shiny brewing bling and gadgets!

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