Rhys Williams

Home-brewer, and a bit of a geek

Rhys started brewing 30 years ago as a poor university student. In those days it was more about quantity than quality! People still reminisce the smell of malt and hops wafting up the stairs at the halls of residence. Fast forward to 6 years ago. While watching Tv show on brewing, his wife asked, “why don’t you get back into brewing?” The obsession re-kindled, with micro-controllers, yeast slants, temperature controlled fridges. Looking at the state of the garage/laundry, She now regrets the suggestion. Rhys is 3 term president of the Auckland guild of wine makers and brewers (agwb.org.nz) and has based the BJCP online exam, sitting the practical test in April.

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Hazy IPAs, Pastry Stouts and Beyond

Founders Park

The craft beer scene is churning in the US as the most enthusiastic beer fans flock to a narrow range of new styles: the so-called “Northeast” IPAs and “pastry” stouts, big beers with grocery-store confection flavours. While many established brewers turn up their noses at these heretical versions of existing styles, newer brewers eager to […]