Win a trip to HomebrewCon, Portland USA!

That’s right—thanks to some epic support from Gladfield Malt and The Grainfather, the prize for the winner of BrewMania 2018 this year is a trip accompanying the NZHC team on our “research trip” to HomeBrewCon in Portland, Oregon.

There will be some amazing prizes too for second and third places, as well as for the winner of the BrewMania Singles competition.

Get those brews planned and going, and make sure you have a beer entry ticket.

Are you good enough to knock Jamie McQuillian from his perch as BrewMania Champ?

Don’t forget your NZHC2018 tickets

Available from home-brew stores NZ-wide.

The first 50 tickets activated get free entry to the Cryermalt Meet and Mingle too!

We’re signing up some amazing speakers at the moment, so keep en eye on our Twitter feed and Facebook page for announcements.

Did we mention our huge prize for winning BrewMania?

We did? Great!

If you have any any questions about BrewMania or problems buying your ticket/s, please email us.

Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you next year where we’ll enjoy a good laugh, hang out with neat, brew-loving people and all learn how to make better beer.

Cheers for now,

The NZHC team

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